Why You Need Whole Home Surge Protection – Protect Your Home from Surges

Take a minute to think about how many devices you have plugged in the electrical outlets of your home. How many of those devices have an electronic or digital component to them? Just think – your television and cable box, DVD player, audio and home theater equipment, your laptop and desktop computer, modem and router, kitchen appliances, and that’s just naming a few. Are your devices properly protected from a power surge? Are you willing to take that risk? We’re not – that’s why we rely on whole home surge protection and surge protectors (and you should too!)

Whole Home Surge Protection Is A Smart Choice

Surge protection is nothing new; if you own a computer or hi definition television, there’s a good chance you have those electronics plugged into surge protection devices right now. Homeowners should purchase individual surge protectors to protect their devices and electronics. They should also have whole home surge protection wired directly into their home’s electrical panel. Doing so turns your home into one giant surge protector.

A whole-home surge protection strategy offers loads of convenience, and depending on how many devices and appliances you need to protect, it can be more affordable than purchasing several individual surge protectors. It will also extend protection to major appliances for which surge protection adapters aren’t readily available.

Surges Can Come at Any Time

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It’s normal to think surge protectors save our devices from surges caused by lightning strikes. June to August are high lightning strike months for homeowners throughout North America. But those aren’t the only zaps you need to worry about. If a storm or other event knocks out power to your home, a surge will typically course through your system at the moment power is restored. This may also happen if you restore power with your own backup generator.

Surges may happen without you even realizing it. If you ever notice the lights slightly flickering in your home, that’s usually because of an electrical surge. These typically won’t completely fry your electronics or appliances, but repeated minor surges can shave months or years off their operational lives.

The High Cost of Surge Damage

Our high-end electronics are usually the highest priority when it comes to using surge protectors. It’s important to keep in mind that a sufficient electrical surge can harm most of the appliances in your home. As appliances like refrigerators, ovens and dishwashers become more sophisticated and equipped with smart technology, it’s important that their sensitive components receive protection.

This is even true for your HVAC system. Major power surges can do heavy damage to furnaces and air conditioners, even when they’re not in use. Shaving years of life off such major equipment can cost you thousands of dollars over a lifetime of home ownership. Worst case scenario: a surge can damage your HVAC system to the point of replacement.

So if you’re concerned about the threat of power surges in Newmarket, Barrie, or York Region consider contacting MDC Electric today. We can offer a free estimate and explain everything that whole home surge protection entails.